the grasses: chiefly herbaceous but some woody plants including cereals; bamboo; reeds; sugar cane
Hypernyms: ↑monocot family, ↑liliopsid family
Hyponyms: ↑Calamagrostis, ↑genus Calamagrostis
Member Holonyms: ↑Graminales, ↑order Graminales
Member Meronyms:
gramineous plant, ↑graminaceous plant, ↑Aegilops, ↑genus Aegilops, ↑Agropyron, ↑genus Agropyron, ↑Agrostis, ↑genus Agrostis, ↑Alopecurus, ↑genus Alopecurus, ↑Andropogon, ↑genus Andropogon, ↑Arrhenatherum, ↑genus Arrhenatherum, ↑Arundo, ↑genus Arundo, ↑Avena, ↑genus Avena, ↑Bromus, ↑genus Bromus, ↑Bouteloua, ↑genus Bouteloua, ↑Buchloe, ↑genus Buchloe, ↑Cenchrus, ↑genus Cenchrus, ↑Chloris, ↑genus Chloris, ↑Cortaderia, ↑genus Cortaderia, ↑Cynodon, ↑genus Cynodon, ↑Dactylis, ↑genus Dactylis, ↑Dactyloctenium, ↑genus Dactyloctenium, ↑Digitaria, ↑genus Digitaria, ↑Echinochloa, ↑genus Echinochloa, ↑Eleusine, ↑genus Eleusine, ↑Elymus, ↑genus Elymus, ↑Eragrostis, ↑genus Eragrostis, ↑Erianthus, ↑genus Erianthus, ↑Festuca, ↑genus Festuca, ↑Glyceria, ↑genus Glyceria, ↑Holcus, ↑genus Holcus, ↑Hordeum, ↑genus Hordeum, ↑Leymus, ↑genus Leymus, ↑Lolium, ↑genus Lolium, ↑Muhlenbergia, ↑genus Muhlenbergia, ↑Oryza, ↑genus Oryza, ↑Oryzopsis, ↑genus Oryzopsis, ↑Panicum, ↑genus Panicum, ↑genus Paspalum, ↑Pennisetum, ↑genus Pennisetum, ↑Phalaris, ↑genus Phalaris, ↑Phleum, ↑genus Phleum, ↑Phragmites, ↑genus Phragmites, ↑Poa, ↑genus Poa, ↑meadowgrass, ↑meadow grass, ↑Saccharum, ↑genus Saccharum, ↑Schizachyrium, ↑genus Schizachyrium, ↑Secale, ↑genus Secale, ↑Setaria, ↑genus Setaria, ↑millet, ↑genus Sorghum, ↑Sorghum, ↑Spartina, ↑genus Spartina, ↑Sporobolus, ↑genus Sporobolus, ↑Stenotaphrum, ↑genus Stenotaphrum, ↑Triticum, ↑genus Triticum, ↑Zea, ↑genus Zea, ↑Zizania, ↑genus Zizania, ↑genus Zoysia, ↑Zoisia, ↑genus Zoisia, ↑Bambuseae, ↑tribe Bambuseae

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\\grəˈminēˌē\ noun plural
Usage: capitalized
Etymology: New Latin, Latin, from feminine plural of gramineus
: a large family of monocotyledonous plants (order Graminales) with culms hollow, leaves generally 2-ranked, and fruit a caryopsis — see grass; compare bamboo, cereal

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Gramineae /grə-, gra- or grā-minˈi-ē/
plural noun
The grass family
ORIGIN: L grāmen, grāminis grass
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gramināˈceous /grā- or gra-/ or graminˈeous adjective
1. Of, or relating to, the grass family
2. Grasslike, grassy
graminˈicide noun
A herbicide for controlling grasses
graminivˈorous /gra-/ adjective
Feeding on grass, cereals, etc

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